Favorite Things: May 13th


Museum days: As I savor the last few days before heading back to work, visiting museums during the day was one of the things that I wanted to check off my bucket list. Even though the museum was much more crowded than what I had been expecting, it was fun to feel like I was playing hooky from school while I was checking out the Oscar De La Renta exhibit at the de Young.

Catch up dinner with friends: This has probably been on a previous favorite things post, but it never gets old! I love meeting up with friends that I haven’t seen in a while, hearing about all of the fun changes in their life and reminiscing about all the things that we were doing a year or three ago.

Goop MRKT: Gwenny opened up shop in San Francisco’s most fashionable street, Maiden Lane, which literally has gates that may or may not close. Of course, GP would temporarily open up shop in the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building in San Franciso and it’s a stunner. The minute you walk into the shop, it’s like you’re in Gwenny’s home with $45 Sandalwood candles made by Murchison-Hume x Goop burning and perfuming the air. During my visit, I also met my favorite beauty editor, Jean Godfrey-June (more on that here).

Playing tourist in San Francisco: I was thisclose to paying $50 to take one of those Big Bus tours this week to feel like a real tourist in this city across the Bay. Instead, I chose to walk around North Beach, China Town, and Pier 39 with new Vans on. If you’re wondering, I definitely have blisters on my feet, but definitely have new memories in this city.

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