Favorite Things: April 29th


Handwritten Letters: Even though we live in a world where we can go days without picking up a pen and paper, I will always be a firm believer in writing cards for all of the biggest moments for all those folks in my inner circle. Next time something big happens for someone you love/like, find a cute card, pick up a pen, and write. 

LEMONADE: Beyoncé did it again and dropped a surprise album, which was released with a nearly feature-length visual album that had a narrative arc, many, many costume changes and a huge range of emotions (especially for me). Aside from fueling more fire for infidelity rumors, the album also addressed the historical and current mistreatment of black women in society and relationships. For me, I came away feeling like no. one. will. EVER. cross. me. again.

The Origin Story of Hot Chicken: Keeping with the infidelity theme sparked by Bey’s LEMONADE, don’t ever cross a woman who makes your dinner. Back in the 1930s, Thorton Prince “stepped out” on his lady, who then spiked his fried chicken with a ton of cayenne. Thus, laying the foundation for spicy fried chicken that’s all the rage right now. Expect a recipe soon.

Silicon Valley Poem assembled from Quora: The Bay Area is a weird place. If you ever come for a visit (or move here) expect to find full-grown men riding scooters to work (we’re talking Razor scooters) and people making over six figures who wear hoodies to work. Fusion writer, Jason O. Gilbert, assembled this beautiful and sad poem completely from actual questions from Quora. Again, the Bay Area is a weird place.

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