All About Glossier Phase 2

Glossier Phase 2 Review

I’m not one to pine for compliments and when people do give me actual compliments, I cringe a little, mumble a meek ‘thank you’, then descend into a tumult of thinking over and over again, “DID THEY REALLY MEAN IT”? The other day, I completely lost my s*&# when my aunt dropped this gem, “Have you heard of Glossier? They totally remind me of you.”

Now that I’m done with my internal mini-meltdown, let me introduce you to Glossier in three sentences. Glossier is the brainchild of Emily Weiss, the creator the hyper-useful beauty blog, Into the Gloss and head of the coolest girl gang on earth. Back in 2014, the brand launched their Phase 1 collection which cemented their status as the coolest skincare line and their spot in the beauty cabinets of cool girls everywhere. Phase 1 also introduced their “skin first” mantra with their milk jelly cleanser, a priming moisturizer, a lightweight and dewy skin tint, and a universally acclaimed skin salve aptly named, “balm dotcom.”

Glossier Stretch Concealer in LightGlossier Boy Brow in BrownGlossier Generation G in Cake

It was only natural that they venture into makeup with their next kit, and that’s just what they did. Earlier this month, Glossier released their Phase 2 set which includes a concealer, brow wax, and matte chapstick-like lipstick to round out their complete mantra of “skin first, makeup second” which I’m a full-blown fan of.

Glossier Phase 2 Review

I was already a fan of the “no-makeup makeup” look (oxymoronic, I know), but Glossier really hit it out of the park on this one. My makeup routine is now an even quicker process which includes: moisturizing, SPF, the Stretch Concealer, the Boy Brow, some mascara, and a swipe of Generation G as partially demonstrated by these gifs.

stretch_concealer glossier_boy_brow glossier_generation_g

I snatched up the Stretch Concealer in light, the Boy Brow in brown, and Generation G in Cake.

What I L.O.V.E.: 

Stretch ConcealerAs a concealer-virgin, I’m in love with the lightweight texture of the Stretch Concealer. It feels like I’m just dabbing a moisturizer over those not-so-pretty spots and areas. Layer it for heavier coverage, or use just a dab for a quick touch-up.

Boy BrowAnother new tool to my makeup arsenal was any sort of brow grooming product; just getting my eyebrows threaded was grooming to me. But with the Boy Brow, there’s nary a strand out of place or weirdly slanted to the point where I self-consciously swipe my index finger over my brows every hour. Plus, it’s super easy to apply the mascara-like formula with the teeny wand applicator. If you’re also new to the eyebrow game, I read this article to help me pick my shade (I was deciding between black or brown).

Generation GMarketed as a matte lipstick, this really performs like an upgraded chapstick, which is not to say that it’s lacking in staying power. Cake is an orangey-nude hue that gives your lips a healthy flush of color without drawing too much attention to the mouth. It’s the perfect off duty shade and just fine for the office, too.


I’m still not a cool girl, but major props to Glossier for blessing us all with Phase 2. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Phase 3!

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