Wednesday Wants: A Rain-proof Outfit

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.51.18 PM

It’s here, it’s here! El Niño season is actually happening! With downpours in the Bay Area beginning on Sunday night, it’s been a non-stop and puddle-filled trek everywhere you go. Now that it’s raining, I just want warm, warm, warm clothes that are easy to wear especially when there’s a downpour. With the drab skies, I’m also looking for bright accessories to punch up the grayer days we’ll be having.

Madewell & Penfield Raincoat – Was told to buy a raincoat a month ago, did I? Nope.

Jules Smith Midi Rings – Simple midi-rings are a great jewelry option when wearing chunky sweaters, less sweater-snagging here we come!

J. Crew Turtleneck – Unfortunately/fortunately, only a lovely blush tone is left in this turtleneck.

AG Stilt Jeans – Black jeans will hide any water stains and will dry quickly if you’re splashed on by a passing car!

Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch – I’ve been switching between carrying a large envelope clutch with my tote. So far, I’ve been digging the clutch more – it’s easier to transition from day to night and prevents the daily risk of packing too much stuff.

Eugenia Kim Fur Rain Beanie  – Eugenia Kim’s hats are booming in the high fashion world and have been since her start in the 90s. Hard to ignore when this CFDA award winning designer is being worn by everyone from shoppers at Target (she did a collab in 2010) to Beyoncé.

Alexander McQueen Wooden Skull Umbrella – McQueen makes sick skull scarves and these intimidating umbrellas. Wouldn’t mind stomping through the streets with this over my head.

Fur Keychain – Totally into fur and faux fur accessories lately, plus bold colors are always a great option to make the day and weather a bit more exciting.

J. Crew Chelsea Rain Boots (sold out) – At least I did pick up a pair of rain boots before the downpour started. These ones are comfy and keep my feet nice and dry.

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