Favorite Things: December 4th


  • Bloody Mary’s – I’ve been having vehement arguments with friends about the acceptability of bloody mary’s being consumed in the evening. I say that regardless of the time of day you drink one, you’ll still feel exactly the same.
  • Getting back into reading books – For a while there, I fell into a bit of a reading rut where I wasn’t reading anything except for work emails. Having four days off for Thanksgiving really helped with getting back into the swing of turning pages. I’ve plowed my way through Land of Laughs, A Visit from the Goon Squad, and The Circle — all of which I would highly recommend.
  • The Broad Museum – Probably the hottest museum on Instagram right now, and rightly so. Their inaugural collection of Eli and Edythe Broad’s acquisitions is really picturesque and full of the most notable modern artists like Jeff Koons, Jean Michel-Basquait, Ed Ruscha (my current favorite), and of course, Yayoi Kusama. Highly recommend visiting if you’re in the LA area, but be sure to book a reservation in advance.

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