Wednesday Wants: Winter Skincare

Winter is officially upon us, and so is my season full of skin that can’t make up it’s mind. Which usually means my t-zone becomes an oily mess while my chin is parched like the Sahara. In years past, from November to March, I would just give up and let my winter skin run it’s course. 18 days into winter, I think I’ve found the products that will carry me into the upcoming months as I lock down in the heat of the battle with my winter skin.

Vanish pfb – Okay, since it’s winter and the amount of skin that I’m baring is significantly less, I may be using my razor a little less than in the summer. But, when I do, I’m always sure to roll on a bit of pfb to get rid of any bumps that may pop up from the irritation caused by drier winter skin and razors.

Philosophy ‘Take a Deep Breath’ Daily Moisturizer – So grateful that the women in my family told me to always wear sunscreen. Out of 365 days, there are probably just five days where I’m without sunscreen. This one is light, has SPF 30 and can easily be layered.

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Zit Treatment – I’m a big “on the spot” treatment kind of gal, and like to fight acne day and night. This light gel is perfect and isn’t harsh enough to cause a ton of unsightly dry patches like other formulas with salicylic acid.

Shikai Body Lotion – Moisture, moisture, moisture. Putting lotion on is made less-tedious when you have the perfect, light but intensely moisturizing formula like this one from Shikai. I always pick mine up from Whole Foods or other “organic” grocery shops for less than $10!

First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask by Belif – “Dull winter skin” seems to be the beauty world’s PC term for skin that looks like shit. Belif, a Korean beauty brand sold exclusively at Sephora, managed to come up with a great moisturizer/mask magic formula that soaks in and stays all night. As long as you get a good nights rest and moisturize with this, looking like shit will be a thing of the past!

Alba Botanica Acnedote Scrub – During the winter, I sometimes get what I secretly call, sweaterne aka acne caused by sweaters. The bottom of my chin starts to break out from increased turtleneck and scarf-wearing habits and could rarely be stopped until I started using this scrub. It’s so refreshing with it’s “soft-tingle” feeling after you rinse it off, but the mostly natural ingredients lessens the harshness on your skin.




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