Favorite Things: November 15th

I think it’s time to introduce a new segment to a blog, and you’re right, it might be because I made nothing photogenic this weekend and instead, stuffed myself full of sushi, beer, birthday cake, and the pictured pancakes.

Favorite things will be a weekly round up every Friday (but starting today) of my favorite songs, articles, recipes, tweets, bags, restaurants, or just general things that happened over the course of the week. So let’s get started!

For my birthday breakfast today, the parents made these Apple-Dipped Pancakes by Pamela Salzman with apples that we picked up from the SLO Farmer’s Market. Yes, I still celebrate my birthday with my parents and yes, these pancakes were delicious.

Can walking around downtown SLO be considered an actual hobby? A new shop or restaurant seems to crop every time I visit, like Len Collective, in the old SLO Creamery. Their shop was filled with handcrafted jewelry from Ms. Shannon Len and every imaginable hipster-craft brand that’s hot right now — including Herbivore Botanicals, Baggu, and Seoul Little. Before I left for SF today, nearly every bone in my body wanted to head back to Len and browse once more.

Okay, this might be a bit late, but finally had the chance to dive into Essena O’Neill’s new site, Let’s Be Game Changers. I admire her cold-turkey desertion of social media and her brutal honesty on the realities of being a sponsored Instagram star. As of late, I’ve been starting to unfollow my once-favorite fashion bloggers — I’m getting tired of seeing their highly curated life, outfits, boyfriends and macaroons.

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