An Ode to Sundays

I love finishing a good book. I love that mind-numbing feeling that I get after being pulled into another world or someone else’s life and being gently thrust back out of it and into a hazy transition from that life, to my own.

Getting back to work on Monday’s feels just like that after a weekend well spent. My favorite Sundays this month have been slow, leisurely, and filled with new sights, my favorite foods, and listening to myself — if I feel like having a restful day at home, I’m not dragging myself out to a brunch filled with Mimosas.


Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I’m starting to put tremendous value on my alone time. I’ve learned that I need one day a week all to myself where I can read, clean, cook, golf, drive, create, learn, etc.

I’m starting to savor Sundays for this exact reason and looking forward to their return as each week goes by.

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