Washington D.C. | What to See


District of Columbia, you beautiful city. I’ve been able to visit our nation’s capital multiple times, but let me tell ya – it never gets old.  I know that saying “go sightseeing” is cliche, but truly, D.C. is filled with the best (and historically significant) structures that are conveniently located close to one another. Even if it’s your first or fourth time going to the city, check them out.


The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is my favorite spot to go day and night. My favorite memory from one of my trips was when the memorial was entirely empty except for me and Mr. Lincoln. Pure Magic. When you’re there be sure to find the typo engraved in Lincoln’s inaugural  address.


The Supreme Court and The Capitol Building

The Supreme Court and the Capitol building are the best and most informative tours to go on. It’s pretty cool to sit in the seats that history was made in front of. Be sure to pop in to the Supreme Court for one of their hourly lectures, as long as a hearing isn’t scheduled. Before you leave for D.C. contact your representative to schedule a tour of the Capitol building. IMG_2719

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress, not only serves as home to a huge labyrinth of books, audio recordings, and films is also a beautiful display of the Beaux-Arts style in America. IMG_2878

Tidal Basin

Rent a bike (or a segway) and be sure to do a tour of the National Mall and the tidal basin. The most opportune time to take a trip to the tidal basin is when the cherry blossoms are in bloom during a very quick week of the winter.


Eastern Market

Eastern Market, located just a few minutes away from the Capitol building, transforms into a bustling outdoors farmers market on the weekends. Inside, you’ll find purveyors of homemade sausages to locally grown flowers. On Saturdays, the empty lot across the street turns into an outdoor flea market where this time around I picked up some vintage maps that are currently hanging in my living room. _MG_2263

National Portrait Gallery

Ah, the National Portrait Gallery and Museum of American Art. Inside the third oldest building in Washington lies some of my favorite works of art including Nam June Paik’s Electronic Superhighway, a giant neon light representation of the United States. Located in between Chinatown and Penn Quarter, be sure to take the morning or afternoon (or both) to visit. _MG_2279

The Holocaust Museum

The Holocaust Museum is an incredible structure that allows visitors to literally walk through one of the worst moments in our globe’s history. Try to head to the museum during the off-season, as school groups tend to overcrowd the exhibits.

Stayed tuned in the coming week, I’ll be wrapping up what to eat and where to go!

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