Take a Break, It’s Time for Art

Vanity Fair May 08: pg 269 (and, incredibly, looking not a day older) by Lauren DiCioccio
Baby Deer No. 2 by Sharon Montrose

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Art by William Powhida

Apres Grande by Christian Chaize 

Orb 3 (Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Iceland) by Carlo Van der Roer
Animal Locomotion: Plate 735 (Elephant) by Eadweard Muybridge

Sometimes, when it feels like I’m about to burst with people to e-mail, articles to write, assignments to finish, or work shifts to show up to I try and pretend that I have nothing on my plate, when really I have a ton of things to attend to. What helps me escape? Art. Making art, looking at art, and learning about art are some of my favorite things to do. What I have yet to do though, is buy art. But 20×200 makes great art much more accessible to the rest of us. For those unfamiliar with Jen Bekman’s online project, their high concept approach to art makes it low budget to the rest of us. Wholly original, limited edition works of art are sold on the site, with new artists and artwork coming every week.
Here are my favorites from 20×200. 

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