Color Me Wonderful: Farmer’s Market Edition





Summertime is here! Tripped it up the coast via train and woke up the next morning to make it to this farmer’s market in town. Saturday mornings at 8 have the freshest, most wholesome produce and the best people. Having attended numerous Farmer’s Markets in an array of cities, I have acquired some tips and tricks to getting the best stuff for the best prices.










Tip one: Go early! Get there when they open, or even 10 minutes before. If they don’t allow sellers to sell before a bell rings, be there waiting. Usually, that’s not the case and they allow anyone to walk in a little before the designated start time so chat it up with the farmers/sellers, which now leads into my next tip…

Tip two: Get to know the vendors! How do you usually get to know people? By talking to them of course! By going often and becoming a “regular” with your favorite vendors, it’s likely that they’ll begin to cut you deals and even throw in some free goods!

Tip three: Bring a big bag! This is mostly for your own comfort, you don’t want to have plastic bags digging into your arms as you enjoy the fresh air! It’s infinitely easier to throw everything into a big bag and lug it into your car (or bike) later.

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